This page describes the module management of the site, in reference to personal data of the users that consult it.
It discusses and relates to the information of article 13 discreet legislative 30 June 2003 n. 196 those who interact on the website for the protection of personal data, accessible via data transmission starting from the address.

Corresponding to the initial page of the official site of the society.
The informative is given only for the site of the society Arena Sub s.r.l. and not for other sites, however if necessary can be consulted by means of the user link.
The informative is inspired also by recommendation n.2/2001 that the European authorities protect all personal data, re-united in the group founded by the institution article. 29 instruction n.95/46/CE.
They adopted on 17 May 2001 some smaller requests to individualize the collection of on line personal data and particularly the formality and the nature of the information that the officials are obliged to supply to the users when they connect on line independently from the purpose of the connection.
The recommendation and the description of synthesis’ aim are restored in the website guaranteeing your privacy http:///


Continuing the consultation of this site,  relevant personal data identified or unidentified can be treated. The official concerning this treatment is the society ARENA SUB s.r.l  and the only legal representative of the society is the director.

The society is founded in Torre Faro- Messina Strada Provinciale n.47.
The official is made up of  personnel in charge, individual persons in which become managers provide the appropriate representatives of the treatment regarding the personal data. In particular the data will be able to be treated by administrative personnel or by technical personnel individualized from the office of work, or eventually from certain representatives in reference to the operations of the maintenance of the system.


The treatment connected to the services of this web site have place aforementioned a seat of the society ARENA SUB s.r.l, and they are treated alone by technical personnel from the office in charge of the treatment or from eventual representatives in charge of maintenance operations. No data what so ever from these web services can be communicated with others.


Navigation data.
The computer system and software procedures preferred the operation of this website acquire the course of their normal exercise. Some personal data whose transmission is implicated in the use of protocols of internet communication. It is discussed to not obtain information unless can be associated to, interested in or identified, but that the same for them would be able to cross over elaborations and associations with data held and allow them to identify the users. In this category of data we return the addresses IP or names to dominion the computer used by the users that join the site, the address in notation URI (Uniform Recourse Identifier) of the arisen requests, the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the dimension of the file obtained when replied, the numerical code indicating the state of the given reply from the server (good finish, mistakes etc.) and other relevant parameters to the operating system and computer  environment of the user. These dates become used only to extract statistical anonymous information on the user of the site and to monitor if the correct operation is cancelled immediately after the elaboration. The data can also be used for the assessment of assessed responsibilities in case of hypothetical computer offences to damages of the site: Eventually save the data of web contacts to the state in order to not become memorized.


The optional consignment, clarifies and volunteers electronic mail to the advised addresses of this site following the successive acquisition of the senders address, it is necessary to respond to the requests, as well as eventually all other personal data put in the letter.
It is specified that the informative of synthesis will be progressively restored or visualized in the pages arranged for special requested services.


Not any personal data of the users become in resolution acquired from the site.
It is not made use of cookies for the transmission of personal character information, nor they become used c.d. persistent cookies of some type, that is the lay out of the users system.
The use of c.d. session cookies ( that do not come memorized in persistent mode on the computer of the user and vanish with the closing of the browser) and tight limits of the transmission of identified sessions ( constituted from casual numbers bred from the server) it is necessary to agree the exploration security and efficiency of the site.
The c.d. session cookies used in this site avoid recourses to other technical information potentially pre judged for the navigation reserves of the users and do not agree to the acquisition of personal data identified by the user.


The personal data are treated with tools automated for the short time necessary to achieve the purpose for those that were collected. The treatment of dates have half the tools and or to ensure that the formality fits the reserves, the integrity and availability in respect of how much is defined from the D.lgs.  n.196/2003 is attached B: to discipline about small technical measures of safety.

Specified measures of safety are observed to prevent the loss of data, not correct use of illicit are not authorized to enter.


The subjects in which reports the personal data have the law at any time to obtain the confirmation of the existence or expect the same data and to know the contents and origin, also to verify  the precision or to ask about the integration any updates or the rectification ( art. 7 D.lgs.n. 196/2003).

The senses of the same article has the law to ask the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous shape or form, or to block the treated data in violation of law, let alone in every case that of itself, for legitimate motives to their treatment.
The requests revolt to Mrs. Angela SPADARO, responsible for the treatment, ARENA SUB s.r.l., Strada Provinciale n. 47- TORRE FARO- MESSINA.


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