The Launch And Recovery System (LARS) and the Theter Managment System TMS described here permits the deployment of the ROV, in a manner totally autonomous, also from a covered boat of considerable height from the surface of the sea.
The internal system integrates and contains the inside of a normal standard 20 feet land-sea container in steel. Transported at half weight.


The plumbing circuit places pressure from a pump, its also included in the container and allows leaking of the arm and the winch for the rise and successive landing of the steel dock containing the ROV. The hydraulic winch placed on the dock contains about 40m of umbilical cable that allows the ROV’s freedom of motion in the same dock nearby.

The vanity of air conditioned control allows the ROV pilot to operate in conditions of the greatest comforts in all outside conditions. Thanks to the electric multitude of equipment the pilot has at its disposal all the information and necessary parameters for a precise and efficient operation of the robot in the water.


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