ARENA SUB is specialized in submarine research and survey missions with remotely operated underwater vehicles to depths up to 3000m. The common accepted name for this tethered underwater robots in the offshore industry is ROVs.
We offer highly qualified manpower and technical equipment for this specific type of working environment.

Our ROVs are equipped with a video camera and lights and can support many additional equipment to expand the vehicle’s capabilities. These may include sonars, magnetometers, pipe traker equipment, still camera, manipulator, cutting arm, water samplers, and instruments that measure water clarity, light penetration and temperature, highly accurate subsea navigation systems and so forth.

ROV Garage

Our ROVs garage is composed of:

IMCA CLASS I (Mini ROV) - This vehicles are small size ROV easily deployed from anywhere offering quick inspections and access to area otherwise impossible to reach like inside pipe inspection. They are fitted with camera and lights and can handle sonar and one additional sensor such as cathodic protection (CP) probe, Thickness gauge an additional camera.
Our IMCA CLASS I ROV include: RB-300 and RB-600.

IMCA CLASS II (Observation ROV with Payload option) - These vehicles are fitted with camera, lights, and sonar as standard and are caple of handling several additional sensors. They may also have a basic manipulative capability.
Our IMCA CLASS II ROV include: Achille M4 and Super Achille.

IMCA CLASS III (Light-Work Class ROV) - These vehicles are large enought to carry complex additional sensors and manipulators. They are larger and more powerful than Classes I and II and are able to go deeper. They are normally containerized system for long work period on offshore structures.
Our IMCA CLASS III ROV include: Cougar XTi.

Deploying options

Arena Sub Rov System can be deployed:

as Free-Swimming - For a free-swimming ROV, the surface winch umbilical is directly connected to the vehicle.

via a Theter Management System (TMS) - In this case the surface winch is directly connected to the TMS. The TMS is a submersible winch with a tether connected to the ROV offering significant beneficts including: no surface tended umbilical to drag, accuracy of deployment to the work site, protection to the ROV during lanch and recovery operations.

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