ROV COUGAR XTiThe Cougar is a Light Work Class ROV (IMCA Class III), recommended for construction work and surveys in shallow or very deep water. An impressive number of electric and hydraulic tools are available for the Cougar (as manipulative heavy duty multi-purpose tools, tube/ rope cutter, high pressure water jet, gasket replacement tools AX / VX, etc.). Moreover Pipe Trackers, Dual Head Profilers, Multibeam bathymetric systems and many other sensors can be installed and interfaced simultaneously on Cougar.


Overall characteristics of the Cougar XTi

Maximum depth 3000 msw
Total weight 580 Kg
Length 1515 mm
Width 1000 mm
Height 905 mm
Forward speed 3.2 Knots
Thrust forward 170 kgf
Thrust lateral 120 kgf
Thrust vertical 110 kgf
Payload 80 kg
Control System Cougar-XTi operates on Saab Seaeye's latest distributed intelligence control system, ICON. This allows each node (thrusters, lights, camera actuators, etc) to be individually controlled, tested, isolated or updated.
Power distribution The Cougar-XTi Power Supply System comprises a single floor standing 19" rack cabinet containing:
  • High Voltage, High Frequency 20kVA Power Supply (3kV, 800Hz) Input Power Filter
  • Output filter
  • Input/Output HV/LV Cabin Junction Box
Chassis The extremely rugged polypropylene, stainless steel and composite chassis has been designed to maximise free water flow through the ROV. A central and adjustable lift point ensures a level lift. Tool skids can be rapidly installed as required
Navigation The Cougar-XTi is fitted with a combined compass and inertial measurement unit which will provide 6 degree of freedom motion measurement for enhanced azimuth stability, auto-pilots and dynamic positioning (DP). This core equipment can be augmented by additional high performance sensors which will feed directly into the control algorithms running in the surface control unit.
Auto The Cougar XT's standard auto pilots include:
  • Heading
  • Depth
  • Roll
  • Roll Stabilisation
  • Auto altitude (requires altimeter)
Pan & Tilt A high torque, oil filled, Pan & Tilt platform is supplied. The unit is manufactured from anodised aluminium with the pan and tilt positional information being displayed graphically on the video overlay and/or pilots dashboard.
Lighting Two individually controlled lighting channels are provided as standard, each channel comprising two LED lamp units. Each channel has its own brilliance control on the pilot's Hand Control Unit. Each LED lamp produces the equivalent light output of a 150W tungsten halogen bulb. Additional lighting can be readily added to the system network.


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