ROV SUPER-ACHILLEThe SUPER-ACHILLE is a versatile, powerful, robust and reliable inspection, survey and lightwork ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle).
It can be operated via a "garage cage" and TMS (Tether Management System) together with a launching system with a 1000 m cable, it may also be used as a free swimming unit up to -200 metres.
Once at its working depth, SUPER ACHILLE can leave its cage on a 100 m floating umbilical, controlled by a winch at the top of the cage (TMS).
The umbilical is simply a light coaxial wire throught which the energy, the controls and the information received (sonar, TV, position, etc...) are multiplexed, thus avoiding the use of multiwire umbilicals, which are stiff and expensive.

When fitted with a trasponder, SUPER ACHILLE can also be used as a DP reference for vessel and its position is given in geographical coordinates. The ROV's trip can thus be recorded and its position with respect to the vessel or its garage can be constantly checked.

Typical jobs for SUPER ACHILLE are diver assistance and large ROV assistance but also underwater site surveys (wrecks,coral,shells,pipelines,etc.) in heavy polluted water, or difficult current conditions (up to 2 knots).
With the addition of purpose built tools, SUPER ACHILLE is able to complete surface monitored underwater tasks, such as: wreck salvage, measurements and sample gathering, setting of explosive charge, rope cutting, etc.

Overall characteristics of the SUPER ACHILLE 2000

Propulsion -4 thrusters: Asynchronous electrically driven.
-2 thrusters drive the Super Achille system horizontally, forward/backward, left, right.
-1 thruster for vertical motion, up/down
-1 thruster for lateral motion
Dimensions Lenght: 720mm
Width: 600mm
Height: 510 mm
Total weight 100 Kg approx.
Underwater speed 2 knots
Maximum depth 1.000 m.
Video 1 PAL Digital colour camera - pan&tilt
Searchlights 2x250 W – 1x50 W halogen lights
Instrumentation -Fluxgate compass combined with a gyrometer for head monitoring and navigation assistance.
-Echo sounder for altitude (distance to seabed) monitoring.
-Pressure sensor for depth monitoring
-Built-in imaging sonar; 360° scanning head;high resolution; 180° 3D
-Autoheading:evolutes automatically with the same heading,when stopped stays still with the same heading -Autoaltitude:evolutes automatically at constant distance from seabed.
-Trim funcions:compensate on the vertical axis, the buoyancy of the ROV with the help of the vertical thruster;compensate on the horizontal axis, the lateral drifting due to the current with the help of the lateral thruster.
Video-Data Recording VHS - SVHS -CD-DVD-MDV...etc.
Arm 3 axis manipulator: in/out, rotation, grip


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